Webcam Modelling Made My Valentine’s Day

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Everyone here at 121 Webcams is wishing you all a wonderful Valentines day tomorrow, to all of our models and anyone aspiring to become a webcam model. You too can make future Valentines as memorable as one of our models has. Here is her story.

valentines webcam modelling

Ever since I was 16 I’ve had a boyfriend and even after I split with one guy, I’d always meet someone else quickly and find myself with a new guy. Although some of the men I dated were great, when it came to Valentine’s day, I always ended up disappointed.

You see, the guys I dated simply didn’t earn enough money to give me the lifestyle I wanted. On Valentine’s Day I dreamed of diamonds and pearls, but I got teddies and chocolates. Little did I know that at the age of 26, webcam modelling would completely change my life and give me the Valentine’s Day I’ve always hoped for.

A couple of years ago I came out of another long term relationship, but this time I decided to try my hand at being single for a while. At first it was fun, but I soon realised that although I worked, I didn.t have enough money to do all the things I could do with my boyfriend before. I had a friend who had been webcam modelling for about three years and she seemed to be making more and more money all the time.

sexy valentines webcam modelI like my body and I’ve never been shy. I’ll always sunbathe topless if there’s an opportunity and I’d even done a bit of glamour modelling when I was younger, so I didn’t feel too worried about getting my kit off in front of a camera.

Whilst I’d always enjoyed sex with my partners, I’d never really had an experience that completely blew my mind and I couldn’t help wondering if I would find working as a webcam model a turn on. I set up in my spare room with a webcam modelling company who talked me through everything I needed to know and launched my site.

After a dash round my local lingerie department I was ready! I’ll never forget my first few hours as a webcam model. As soon as I started I just felt right and couldn’t get enough of the attention, admiration and excitement coming from my viewers. Before I knew it four hours had passed and when I checked to see how much money I had made I could hardly believe my eyes.

Over the last couple of years I’ve managed to save a significant chunk of money and am aiming to buy a house. I often go on holiday and I work as and when I please. I still don’t have a boyfriend and I’m loving being single. The last time I spent a Valentine’s Day with a man I got a bottle of perfume and a meal in a mid-range restaurant. This Valentine’s Day I took myself off to the Caribbean and when I got home, treated myself to a brand new car!

So if you’re fed up with your lot and want to earn more to do more of the things you love, then becoming a webcam model could be exactly what you need.

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