Webcam Model Stories – Melissa Makes the Break

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I became a webcam model when I was still living with my parents. I love my parents, but it was horrible living with them. I was 25, but I still felt like I was 16 being stuck under the same roof as them. My father always made everything so hard on me, and my mother was always hoping I would get a boring job. I was just in a rough place in my life, because I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and quit my job. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Then I found webcam modelling. become a webcam model

I have enjoyed being active and keeping fit ever since I was a little girl, I used to go with my father to the beach and go boogie boarding or I’d be off swimming somewhere. I adore the water, and I appreciate being outdoors in general. I also enjoy modelling. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be a model, and I love actresses like Scarlett Johansson and models like Tyra Banks. They are my idols. But after I left my secondary school, I took up with a fella who was demanding and strict with me. I became submissive and moved in with him after my dad kicked me out when I was 18. I had thought it was a good idea at the time, but I didn’t know anything back then. Living with him was horrible. I finally got out when I was 24, but I had no place to go. That’s why I moved back in with my parents. When I was 25 I finally found what I would had been looking for when doing a late night search online. I came across an ad for webcam models and I was instantly taken with the whole idea.

I started modelling in my old bedroom, which luckily had a decent lock on the door, and I got a lot of great reviews. People liked me online, and it really boosted my self-esteem. I started taking care of myself more. And when my boyfriend asked me to go back to him, I said no. I had saved enough money so I could get my own flat in the city. I moved out about 6 months ago, and I have never been happier than I am right now in my life.

When I model I am excited and exhilarated to think about the guys on the other side of the camera looking at me. Many people don’t know this, but when they watch webcam models they are really affecting the models themselves as well. I can feel the eyes on me, and it makes me so happy to think how happy I am making them. I love webcam modelling, and every morning when I wake up, I just can’t wait to start work!

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