Web Cam Modelling – The New Care in the Community

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webcam girlToday we have included a story from one of our webcam models of how they got into the industry and why.

I always hated school and by the time exam time rolled around I’d pretty much given up on my academic career, so I didn’t end up with any qualifications. I bummed around for a while after school but eventually I had to get a job and found myself working as a carer in a home for people with learning difficulties.

Well, the work was hard, stressful and very poorly paid. After each month of long hours, heavy lifting and putting up with being punched and pummelled on a regular basis, my reward was zero appreciation and barely enough to make ends meet – and I certainly didn’t have any extra cash for the nicer things in life. 

As a pretty girl with an ample chest, I also got a lot of inappropriate attention from men in my workplace (both clients and staff) which made the job even harder, but I have always been a caring person so I continued in my job because I thought I was helping.

Then, after a pretty scary incident, I decided enough was enough. Why was I doing this difficult, risky and at times downright harrowing job, when it was so terribly paid? I handed in my notice the next day and started to look for alternative employment.

A friend of mine suggested web cam modelling and at first I was unsure, but once I tried it out I soon realised that the impression I had of what the job entailed was completely wrong. When you model people visit your site and they can send messages and you can chat back. Then if someone asks for private time with you, only they can see you and they pay for every minute of time you give them.

Now I thought web cam modelling would be all seedy men saying vile things and asking me to do stuff I wasn’t prepared to do. In actual fact that’s not the case at all. Most of the visitors to my site are regular clients and although there is of course some sexy exhibiting involved, most of them are just very lonely people who want someone to talk to.

I’ve got clients who will spend private time with me for more than an hour and only a tiny portion of that will be my ‘show’, the rest of the time we chat, sometimes it’s erotic, but most of the time it’s general chit chat and I work hard to make the men I speak to feel good about themselves.

They go away feeling happy, satisfied and a little less lonely and I get the satisfaction of helping people but I also get the moatery reward I deserve for doing a great job! So if you work in the care industry and are fed up of being poorly paid, undervalued and often put in danger, the why not try a different type of care in the community and become a webcam model instead.


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