Top Tips for Becoming a Web Cam Model

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Webcam ModelWeb cam modelling can be great fun and very lucrative, but with so many competing models out there if you really want to get to the top of your game you need to do much more than simply show off your assets. If you’d like to get out of the rat race and enjoy a better lifestyle with just a few hours work every week then read on for top tips on how to become the best in your field.

Making Money Online

To make money online as a webcam model you need to start a chatroom using your webcam. You can launch on your own, but you’re far more likely to get visitors if you do it through a model sign up site. In addition to marketing, you’ll also get things like technical support thrown in for a small percentage of what you earn.

How Web Chat Works

To make money you need to attract guys to come and chat to you. They see you on cam and hear your voice, then decide if they’re going to stick around. You can earn around £3 a minute doing this, although top cam models can get more. Many models can earn in excess of £100 an hour.

What to do on Cam

You can do anything at all on camera and let people pay to watch you, provided it’s legal. Although you don’t have to appear naked models who do tend to earn more. There are also lots of specialist models that cater to a particular audience, models who work together as a team and to a lesser extent there are even male web cam models.

Maintaining Privacy

When you start up as a web cam model it’s important to ensure that the sign up site you choose has stringent security measures. Ask about how your identity is protected before you start. In most cases it will be easy to block people from contacting or being able to see you online and you’ll be in complete control of who you accept.

Developing a Loyal Customer Base

The best way to ensure you’re making a good amount of money on a regular basis is by building a loyal base of customers. The best way to retain the people who visit and encourage them to visit again is by getting to know them. Ask open questions that can’t be answered with a yes or no and ask them about what they’d like to see. Some visitors will simply be looking for someone to chat to, whilst others could be seeking someone who fit s with their fantasy. If necessary, you can even take notes about different visitors and keep them out of sight of the cam, so you can quickly remind yourself about someone when they return.

Give it a Try

So if you’re proud of your assets, why not utilise them to your advantage. If you’re open minded, confident and adventurous, becoming a webcam model could be the ideal venture for you!

Hear some great tips from a famous webcam model in this YouTube video.


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