The Top Five Celebrity Sex Tape Scandals

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Katie Price aka JordanIt seems another celebrity sex tape scandal hits the net every day, but why should celebs have all the fun and make all the mulla? Sex tapes make millions for celebs and you could be cashing in on the current obsession for online adult entertainment by becoming a web cam model, so why not take the plunge and get online like these celebs, it certainly didn’t do them any harm!

5. Kim Kardashian

Before 1997 Kim Kardashian was just the daughter of her infamous lawyer father. Then her sex tape with boyfriend R Jay was ‘leaked’ and today, the Kardashian empire has become one of the wealthiest in the US. The tape gave Kardashian yet more headlines this week when it was valued at $18 million. The singer is already said to have accumulated more than $3 million from the tape after making a deal with its current owners. Today, Kim Kardashian’s ‘brand’ has an estimated net worth of more than $40 million, not counting the money earned by the rest of the Kardashian clan who rose up the celebrity ladder on her cost tails.

4. Pamela Anderson

In 1998 Pamela Anderson and former Husband rocker Tommy Lee managed to shock no one with the tape of their honeymoon antics ( except of course for the considerable girth of Tommy Lee’s manhood), but the video still netted the couple a fortune even in the days before the internet had really taken off. Anderson gave the sex tape another go in 2005, releasing a video of her and Poison member Brett Michaels, which probably paid her gas bill for a good while and certainly didn’t do her public profile any harm!

3. Jordan

Katie Price’s flagging profile received a boost when a sex tape of her and former beau Dane Bowers was stolen from their home. Bowers has since faded into obscurity whilst Price ‘went with it’ and took full advantage of the scandal, turning her entire life into entertainment for the viewing pleasure of the masses with her warts and all reality TV show.

2. Abi Titmus

The appropriately named Titmus shot to notoriety when a tape featuring her, disgraced TV presenter John Leslie and another woman found its way onto the net. The former nurse was not just a pretty face and quickly made the most of her new found fame, becoming a lads mag and reality TV favourite. In a recent interview for Mail Online, Titmus claimed she was making £30,000 a day at the height of her fame. She’s now a ‘serious’ actress and member of Scarborough’s Muddy Cows theatre group, has appeared on casualty and on the West End stage.

1. Dustin Diamond

Who is Dustin Diamond? Catch a repeat of sugar sweet kidscom Saved By The Bell and you’ll never be able to see Screech in the same light again.  Diamond, who played the geeky character for over a decade, released sordid sex tape ‘Saved by the Smell’ in 2007 in the hope of resurrecting his failed career. However, the tape had the opposite effect and the actor has not been seen or heard screeching since.

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