Why a High Society Mum Became a Webcam Model

Everyone has a secret, even the most dignified and proper person you know.  Of course, some secrets are far more shocking than others.  Individuals working as webcam models are no exception.  Let’s meet a model who, by all appearances, is the picture of refined elegance in real life, but takes on an entirely different persona once the camera begins streaming.

mum as webcam model

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Webcam Modelling – What You Need To Know

Being active in the world of webcam modelling can be lots of fun, lucrative and much more flexible than the average nine to five, but in most cases it involves nudity and performing erotic acts for an audience, so it’s never something that anyone should go into without thinking carefully about it first.

webcam modelling careers

If you think you have the class, confidence and physical credentials to make a great living as a webcam model, but aren’t sure exactly what it entails, then take a look below to find out everything you need to know about this relaxed, risqué and richly rewarding job!

1. Are webcam models self-employed?

Webcam models can either set up completely alone or work with a webcam modelling company. Either way they will in most cases be classed as self-employed or freelance and will likely be responsible for paying their own tax. This means that you’ll need to register with HMRC if you want to become a webcam model and pay National Insurance. A good webcam modelling company will tell you everything you need to know about setting up and help you with the administration side of your career, which is something most women find very useful when they’re starting out. Continue reading

How I Made It as a Single Mom Webcam Model

Webcam Model Mom21 with a young baby and a loving partner who had plenty of money, I was all set for the good life, then one morning I woke up and he was gone. No explanation, no apologies, he’d simply disappeared. For the first few weeks I was in limbo, getting on with life but in a daze, until the first bill turned up on the doorstep and woke me up. Suddenly I realised that I needed to support myself and my child and I needed to start earning money fast, becoming a webcam model was probably the best choice I have ever made. Continue reading