Confessions of a Web Cam Model

Sometimes in life opportunities come along that maybe you didn’t expect, a career in webcam modelling could certainly be considered one of those opportunities. One of our models tells her story on how she began a career in the industry when she signed up with us to become a webcam model.

webcam model careerWhen I was growing up, it didn’t seem like it was going to be too hard to get a reasonable job. but as time went on and the economy changed, I realised that if I wanted to earn qualifications that would help me down the best possible career path, I was going to end up in a lot of debt. So I decided that university wasn’t for me and opted to get an office job instead.

After two year of struggling to make ends meet and not making any progress on the career ladder I had had enough. I couldn’t believe that or a young, intelligent and attractive girl like me there wasn’t a easier job I could do that would earn me more, so I started to put some research into how a girl like me could make serious cash.

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