Webcam Model Stories – Melissa Makes the Break

I became a webcam model when I was still living with my parents. I love my parents, but it was horrible living with them. I was 25, but I still felt like I was 16 being stuck under the same roof as them. My father always made everything so hard on me, and my mother was always hoping I would get a boring job. I was just in a rough place in my life, because I had recently broken up with my boyfriend and quit my job. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Then I found webcam modelling. become a webcam model

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I’m a Solicitor…and a Webcam Model

As a solicitor, I have caused more than one defendant to break into a cold sweat and plead for mercy.  I am tough, command attention, and have no patience for excuses.  Anyone that has ever seen me in action would never come close to guessing what I do in my spare time.  Several hours a week, I become an entirely different person.  I am a webcam model and my only desire is to please my viewers.

webcam model solicitor

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Take control and become an online dominatrix webcam model

Being a Dominatrix webcam model is not just about the money.  Obviously there is potential to make a great deal of money, but there are many other reasons to become an online dominatrix too.  Read through all of the advantages below so that you can find out some of the best reasons for being a webcam dominatrix.  Then, if you think that it is for you, you can make a career out of controlling others.

dominatrix webcam model

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