Find a Web Cam Modelling Partner

two webcam models working togetherThey say good things come in threes but when you’re talking about web cam modelling they actually come in twos! If you’re thinking of setting up as a web cam model or you’re already doing it, you could be making more money and working less hours if you team up with a partner.

Why it Works

There’s a myriad of secret and subtle tests that a man has to pass before a woman will find him attractive, but men are far less complex animals. What they find sexy is tits and ass and two sets of tits and ass together are even better. So you’re not a lesbian? I think they probably know that, but they really couldn’t care less. Men can’t resist a bit of girl on girl action even though whilst they’re watching, those girls are probably thinking about getting the shopping later or whether they remembered to set Sky Plus for this week’s episode of Made in Chelsea.  Continue reading