Why I Work as a Webcam Model to Pay Off My Debt

Why I turned to becoming a cam girl and what i meant for me.

​I have had a slight addiction to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and plenty of other stores for years.   If you have any doubts, I would be happy to show you my credit card bills.  While I have cut down on my spending in the past few years, my personal assistant’s salary has barely made a dent in what I owe.  I tried several different side jobs, but I honestly wasn’t making enough to make it worthwhile.  So, what was I, a young woman, to do?

webcam girl pay off debt

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I’m a Solicitor…and a Webcam Model

As a solicitor, I have caused more than one defendant to break into a cold sweat and plead for mercy.  I am tough, command attention, and have no patience for excuses.  Anyone that has ever seen me in action would never come close to guessing what I do in my spare time.  Several hours a week, I become an entirely different person.  I am a webcam model and my only desire is to please my viewers.

webcam model solicitor

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Why are so many women becoming webcam models? Alison tells all…

Alison has been a webcam model for 3 years, here’s her take on the business.

alison webcam model‘Have you ever considered becoming a webcam model? You know, you don’t have to be beautiful. You don’t have to be anything at all really except friendly and have a computer. Webcam models exist simply because there is a calling for them. There are a lot of lonely men, and sometimes women too, who just want someone with whom they can spend some time, be entertained, and become aroused. Continue reading