Seven Simple Steps to a Six Figure Salary with Webcam Modelling

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Make Money Webcam ModellingThese days most of us are struggling to make ends meet and many people feel that there’s simply no chance of them earning a six figure salary. However, young, attractive women really do have an advantage when it comes to making serious cash online, if they’re willing to use their assets! Webcam modelling is fun, easy and safe and if you go about it the right way, it can also be extremely lucrative. So if you’d like to get in on the net’s biggest industry and start making serious moolah then follow these seven simple steps to a six figure salary. 

Setting Up

Before you start out you’ll need a set of sexy photos to help promote your site. Make sure that the room you broadcast from looks good. You can make a backdrop from material to add a touch of glamour and set up professional lighting so you always look great on cam.

Finding your Niche

When customers visit a chat site they’ll make a selection based on what they like, so make sure you place yourself into the correct category in order to get the most visitors. Categories can include things like girl next door, big boobs or dominatrix.

Keep Talking

Anyone can visit your site for free but if they want personal time with you they have to pay, so flirt and chat with all your visitors as much as possible. Men love the thrill of the chase so make them work for time with you and when you do spend 121 time with a client, make sure it’s worth their while so that they come back for more.

Build a Client Base

When you first start out in webcam modelling you’ll need to put in the hours in order to build a base of loyal clients who will come back to visit you again and again. The more hours you’re willing to work the more money you will make. When you’ve decided when you’ll be working don’t forget to post a schedule so your clients can see when you’re online.

Be a Therapist

Many of the men who visit webcam model sites are simply lonely and looking for someone to talk to. The longer you talk and keep them engaged the more money you’ll make. In addition, whilst you’re talking you won’t be performing which makes it easier for you too.

Use Props

Change your look, wear different clothes and have a wide variety of props and toys available if you want talkers to pay for a live show. Different props make performing a show a lot easier and changing things up will attract new clients and keep regular clients interested.

Always be Friendly

You may be having the day from hell but you can’t let that show on cam (unless that’s your shtick). Always be polite, personable and friendly and if you can’t manage to fake it then don’t go online until you’re feeling more in the mood.


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