Say yes to Webcam Modelling!

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As a smart, sensible and somewhat opinionated woman, I’d always had a certain perspective on the sex industry – the feminist one! I believed that working as an escort, an exotic dancer or a webcam model was anti-feminist to say the least and if I considered it in detail, the idea even made me downright angry!

webcam modelling

That was until I met Camille. I was introduced to Camille one evening by a friend in a bar who had told me that she’d thought we’d get on. She was a tall, willowy blonde with a stunning face and amazing assets. Yes, I do bat for the other team before you ask! 

Camille was just my type. We talked all night about our favourite books, movies, her PHD in American Literature, even our hopes and dreams for the future and by the end of the evening I was completely embroiled.

As far as I could tell we had a very similar outlook on life and I took the plunge and arranged a date. We ended up in a bar the very next evening and as soon as we sat down, it felt as though we had known each other for years.

After an hour or so Camille explained that she would need to get home for 10pm. I was a little disappointed and thought she was making excuses. But she explained, she needed to get back to her place to work.

I wondered aloud what sort of a job required her to work at 10pm on a Tuesday and she revealed, to my initial horror, that she was a webcam model.

At first, I was completely flabbergasted. Camille was totally on the ball, knew her way around ‘The Female Eunuch’ and didn’t seem the type to suffer fools gladly, so why was she allowing herself to be exploited in this way?

Luckily, when I expressed my opinion, instead of being offended, she invited me back to her apartment to watch her at work. As someone who tries hard not to pass swift judgement on anything without first trying to gain an understanding of it, I had to agree.

Camille’s apartment was really more of a luxury penthouse. It was packed with incredible objects and she quickly explained that webcam modelling provided her with an amazing income that allowed her to surround herself with the things that she loved.

She took me into her webcam room, a beautiful boudoir full of deep red silks and fitted with sultry lighting. She sat me down in a corner and languorously began to undress. She was wearing the most exquisite underwear I had ever seen and looked astonishing.

She switched on her cam and sat down on the bed, surrounded by a cache of toys. As I watched her work, chatting to guys online and giving private shows, I couldn’t help becoming more and more excited.

After a couple of hours she switched off and beckoned me over. There on the screen was the amount of money she had made that evening. Well, it was the second time that night that my eyes popped out of my head!

‘So’, she enquired, ‘who is being exploited?’ as she leaned in and kissed me passionately. Today, I’ve completely changed my viewpoint on webcam modelling and guess what? Camille and I even model together – and I absolutely adore it!


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