My New Life as a Webcam Model

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Six months ago I never would have known that I would be happy and financially stable in a new job…when I decided to become a webcam model. I was working as a secretary for a prestigious law firm, and it was horrible. Every morning I would wake up and dread going in to work. The days would stretch on, and I couldn’t wait to get home. But at home I would just be so worried and stressed out about the next day that I could never truly relax. The lawyers and the rest of my bosses and peers were not my kind of people. They were rude and mean to me, and I hated working with them.

When I Became A Webcam Model

Then one weekend, I had lunch with a friend I had not seen in a few years. She was telling me about her new job as a webcam model. At first I thought it sounded just like a fun thing that she must be into that wouldn’t go anywhere. Then we met up again a week or so later and talked about it some more. I was interested, mainly because my job was getting me down so much and I felt a little trapped. I started asking her how I could get started, and she gave me a few tips and some contact info and the rest is history. 

When I got started in webcam modelling I was a little nervous I will admit. But after a while it started to feel so normal for me to be on camera, and then I really began to love it. I began doing it in the evenings after work, as I couldn’t afford to just jack my job in, and it really helped to calm me down after being at the office. I started to make more money from it, and I started to feel myself wanting to do it more often. I like being on camera. Actually, I have always liked being on camera – ever since I was a little girl. I trained as a film actress for a few years after secondary school, but it never really went anywhere, and I would always get so nervous at my auditions that I would completely bomb.

Finally I got to a point where I was making more money webcam modelling than I was at my law office job. One Tuesday morning I walked into work and had the wonderful, absolutely joyful experience of quitting once and for all. I did it in front of all of those cruel bosses that I had had, and it felt so liberating. They all had their mouths gaping open when I told them I had found something better. Ever since that day I have been making a wonderful living by modelling for so many great people online. I feel that I am bringing joy to their lives, and I am certainly bringing joy to my own. I thoroughly recommend it to any girl who is looking for a new career path.

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