My Journey to Becoming a Happy Webcam Model

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When I tell my friends from the gym that I am webcam modelling they do a double take. They can’t believe that it’s real, but I tell them that it is, and they always ask me a bunch of questions.

Why I Tried Webcam Modelling

A few of them have even tried it now! I started working as a webcam model about two years ago when I lost my job as a personal trainer at another gym. I actually have two small children myself (a girl and boy) and a husband, and they all love that I webcam model as they get to spend more time with me than they would if I had a normal job. Of course, I don’t model in front of them, I have a room designated in my London home where I do all of my work.

I am writing this testimonial, because so many people have asked me about my job. I want to let people know about this fantastic opportunity for women to be able to work from home and earn a great living. Working from home allows me to be with my kids more often, and I don’t have to pay for a nursery or a babysitter, either. I really didn’t like my job at the local gym, but I love being in front of the camera now and making people happy on the other side.

If I had to say one thing that I love most about my job it would be the clothes, I love shopping! I get to wear and model so many fun outfits. I adore sassy little numbers, and I am always working out to keep my body looking good. In fact, one of my favourite things to do is work out and then make a super healthy meal for me and my family. Doing all of this has kept me in great shape and keeps me confident when I’m webcam modelling. It’s really fun to feel so happy about the way I look, and I can say with all honesty that I did not feel this way about myself when I was just a boring old PT.

I was sad and depressed all of the time, I hated my job. I was also amazingly out of shape and overweight if you can believe that. I felt like no one cared about the way that I looked, and because of that no one ever looked at me. My husband didn’t and no other guys did either. Now I love my job, and it has given me the freedom of spending more time doing what I love. Plus my hubby and I have a much better relationship. Guys give me double glances at the supermarket, and I just love it! For any girls looking for a new job, try this one. It’s certainly done wonders for me – mentally, physically and financially.

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