I’m a Solicitor…and a Webcam Model

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As a solicitor, I have caused more than one defendant to break into a cold sweat and plead for mercy.  I am tough, command attention, and have no patience for excuses.  Anyone that has ever seen me in action would never come close to guessing what I do in my spare time.  Several hours a week, I become an entirely different person.  I am a webcam model and my only desire is to please my viewers.

webcam model solicitor

How did I get started?

I got into web modelling quite by accident.  Due to my work schedule, I do not have the time to pursue a committed relationship.  After a particularly gruelling day, I knew I needed some type of release, but I had no one to call.  I went online and stumbled upon a webcam site.  Before long, I had made a connection with one of the models and loved the excitement.  The next night, I chatted with someone else.  After several days, I realised that I could do this and signed up with a reputable site.

Why I do it

I do not work as a webcam model for the money, though the money is good.  I do it for the satisfaction that it brings me, pure and simple.  It gives me the opportunity to connect with others in a way that I never could, or would want to, in real life.  This doesn’t always include something sexual.  In fact, I have a regular client who simply likes to chat about sex, but he never asks me to act on any of his fantasies. It is the perfect outlet for me at the end of a stressful day.  After a couple of hours on camera, I am relaxed, refreshed, and content.

Truth be told, I really enjoy it. I like the connection I have with my regulars and the fact that it does not interfere with my day-to-day life.  Of course, I also enjoy getting to know someone new, as well as participating in a quick encounter that leaves me and my viewer mutually satisfied.  When a session is over, we both simply go on with our regular lives.  There are no strings attached, and I appreciate that.

My confidence

Though I don’t like to admit it and despite my career, I have always lacked self-confidence.  Everyone wants to feel sexually desirable to others, even those of us who leave criminals in tears from time to time.  Working as a webcam model has given my confidence level a huge boost that I honestly appreciate.  I feel strangely empowered and immensely more comfortable in my own skin.

Would I have ever thought I would be working as a webcam model?  Absolutely not, but the truth is I can’t imagine not doing it now.


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