How I Made It as a Single Mom Webcam Model

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Webcam Model Mom21 with a young baby and a loving partner who had plenty of money, I was all set for the good life, then one morning I woke up and he was gone. No explanation, no apologies, he’d simply disappeared. For the first few weeks I was in limbo, getting on with life but in a daze, until the first bill turned up on the doorstep and woke me up. Suddenly I realised that I needed to support myself and my child and I needed to start earning money fast, becoming a webcam model was probably the best choice I have ever made.

Finding Webcam Modelling

At first, I worked doing admin in an office. It meant that I had to put my baby into childcare and hardly got to see her, yet I was still struggling to make ends meet. Then a friend of mine told me about webcam modelling. My immediate reaction was ‘no way!’, but she let me come along and watch her at work. When I saw what she actually did – mostly talking to guys online with a little bit of performance for private clients, I quickly changed my mind about what webcam modelling was all about and decided to give it a go.

Web Cam Winning

I set up my cam in my spare room, draped it in gold lame, invested in some seriously sexy lingerie and away I went! I decided to operate through a 121 webcam company because they offered a lot of support when I set up, gave me technical help and explained how I could keep safe online. My first few hours on cam were pretty nerve wracking but after a while I realised I was enjoying myself. Chatting away to all these blokes, I couldn’t believe that I was making so much money doing this! When I gave my first private show, I was a little surprised at just how easy I found it!

My Niche

After a few months webcam modelling I realised that if I specialised in a niche, I’d attract more visitors and build a more loyal client base, so I opted to appeal to foot fetishists. I was astounded at just how popular my site became, especially as all I was showing was my feet encased in sexy heels. Today, I’ve got hundreds of clients who visit me on a daily basis and I’m making a six figure salary simply from webcam modelling.

Freedom from Drudgery

It can always be argued that women who work as webcam models are being exploited, but I worked for months in a dead end job for very little reward and no chance of progression because I felt I had no other choice. To me, that’s far more exploitative than making an informed decision about what you want to do with your life and how you make your money.

These days, me and my daughter have a fantastic lifestyle. I’ve bought a home, we go on exotic holidays and I’m even considering sending her to a private school when she’s old enough. If I hadn’t made the choice to become a webcam model there’s no way I’d be in this position, so I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved and I’d recommend it to single mums everywhere!


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