Why a High Society Mum Became a Webcam Model

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Everyone has a secret, even the most dignified and proper person you know.  Of course, some secrets are far more shocking than others.  Individuals working as webcam models are no exception.  Let’s meet a model who, by all appearances, is the picture of refined elegance in real life, but takes on an entirely different persona once the camera begins streaming.

mum as webcam model

An unfulfilled life

‘Everyone that knows me would assume that I have the perfect life.  I have a wealthy husband, two beautiful children, a lovely home, and plenty of free time for shopping and indulging in other guilty pleasures, but I am not fulfilled.  While our relationship was full of excitement when we first met, my husband and I have fallen into a rut.  I love my life and do not want to lose it, but I deserve to be happy too.  I’m not too keen on the idea of engaging in an actual affair with someone I could run into at a charity function, so I went down an entirely different route.

How I the found the woman I lost

‘Several times a week, I work as a webcam model.  It’s not what you might think.  In most cases, I let my viewers take control, though if they are a bit shy I am more than willing to take the driver’s seat.  I’m not opposed to acting out someone else’s fantasies, but I also have no problem refusing to do anything I am not 100% comfortable with.  I rarely get completely nude, though I have in the past with a few gentleman.

A happy wife and mum

‘Why do I do this?  The answer is quite simple.  I feel like my husband looks through me. Working as a webcam model gives my self-confidence the boost it needs.  It reminds me that I am still attractive and wanted by plenty of men (and women).  To be completely honest, it fills the void I feel for affection and the need to be desired.  It is easy for wives and mums to forget they are still women.  I had begun to view myself simply as someone here to fill the role of wife and mother.   Now, I have reclaimed the woman I once was.

‘How does this impact my family?  It is certainly not negatively.  In all honesty, I am much happier and content than I was before I began doing this and that spills over to my family, though it is hard to explain.   No, they do not know that I do it.  The money I make goes into a separate account that I consider my ‘rainy day fund’.  Am I afraid of getting caught?  Honestly, no, because I only market myself to overseas clientele and I took great pains to ensure I was not easily identifiable in my profile picture.

‘Overall, I am proud of my secret and I often wonder how many other women out there share it with me’.

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