Are you a Gilf? Give Webcam Modelling a Try!

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I’ve always had a certain je ne sais quoi that men adore – from the moment I left school to today, for some reason or other they’ve always been attracted to me! Back in the 70s when I was just a young slip of a thing I modelled and was often asked to appear in topless magazines or erotic movies, but I never took the plunge. Instead I chose to train as a lawyer and enjoyed many happy and successful years, as well as raising a family.

gilfs make a living from webcam modelling

But throughout my time working in law I always taken care of myself and when I decided to take early retirement at the age of fifty, I really didn’t look my age. After a year or so of minding the grandchildren and pottering in the garden, I was going completely stir crazy. I had to find something to do with my time. 

After seeing a television programme about webcam modelling it suddenly occurred to me that I could be doing that and making a good living at the same time! I’d assumed that in order to make it as a webcam model you had to be young, but the show I saw informed me that all sorts of women were making a living as web cam models, from young page three types, to rather Rubinesque ladies, to grandmothers like me!

So, with slight trepidation I decided to take my first tentative steps into webcam modelling. I started by contacting a webcam modelling company who specialised in older ladies. They were incredibly friendly and helpful and explained exactly the type of thing I’d need to do. I sent them a snap of myself over the internet and they told me I would be absolutely perfect as a Gilf model. I didn’t even know what the phrase meant – I must admit I had to Google it, but when I discovered what they were talking about, I thought ‘well, yes, I am a Gilf – why not make the most of it!’

So I set up a space in my spare bedroom, placed a nice backdrop behind me and chose a sexy cover for my bed. I’ve always been very liberal, my husband and I aren’t even opposed to a little bit of swinging now and again, so I already had a cache of toys to use in my shows.

Within just a few weeks I’d built up quite an impressive army of fans and was doing very nicely thank you, simply by exploring my sexuality and having fun on camera. I can easily block email addresses or entire areas from discovering me, so I never worry that the wrong person will find out what I’m up to. Even though I still think of myself as retired, I’m certainly never bored and webcam modelling provides me with a great income to supplement my pension.

We’re planning a luxury cruise to the Amazon next year, all paid for with my webcam modelling! Deciding to become a webcam model really was the best decision I ever made.


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