Find a Web Cam Modelling Partner

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two webcam models working togetherThey say good things come in threes but when you’re talking about web cam modelling they actually come in twos! If you’re thinking of setting up as a web cam model or you’re already doing it, you could be making more money and working less hours if you team up with a partner.

Why it Works

There’s a myriad of secret and subtle tests that a man has to pass before a woman will find him attractive, but men are far less complex animals. What they find sexy is tits and ass and two sets of tits and ass together are even better. So you’re not a lesbian? I think they probably know that, but they really couldn’t care less. Men can’t resist a bit of girl on girl action even though whilst they’re watching, those girls are probably thinking about getting the shopping later or whether they remembered to set Sky Plus for this week’s episode of Made in Chelsea. 

I’m not a Lesbian!

If you’ve never contemplated getting busy with another girl there’s really nothing to worry about. Whilst straight men are hard programmed to balk at the thought of getting intimate with someone of the same sex, it really isn’t so for us girls. Once you’ve locked lips with another lady you’ll quickly wonder what all the fuss is about. Lips are lips and apart from the stubble and unwanted wandering tongue down your throat, kissing a woman feels exactly the same as kissing a man.

What about Other Stuff?

But web cam modelling isn’t just kissing is it? Things tend to get a bit more hot and heavy than that! The first time you get it on with another girl can be a little awkward but if it’s all for show and not really for your own enjoyment then you can approach it just like any other job. Remember, you need to seem like you’re deriving sexual pleasure from your antics but you don’t really have to be. With web cam modelling, it can be difficult to come up with things to do and say when your own your own and having a partner to work with makes it much easier.

Finding a Partner

If you think a partner will help boost your web cam modelling income then pick someone you can trust implicitly. It’s a good idea to pick a girl who looks very different from you or even search for someone who’s willing to work in a niche like S&M. this will narrow your audience but the clients you do get will stay for longer and be more loyal.

When you’ve found someone you think you can work with, spend lots of time discussing what you do and do not want to do and how far you’re willing to go. This may sound a little silly but have a practice before you go online so you don’t end up with any awkward moments when you’ve got an audience. You could even tape yourselves to get a better idea of what visitors will see when they find your site.


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