Enjoy a Luxury Lifestyle with Webcam Modelling

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Just two years ago I was living on tins of beans, worrying about putting my heating on and dreaming of beaches and bikinis, but with a boring and badly paid admin job, there was no way I was getting on a plane any time soon, but then I found webcam modelling.

luxury lifestyle webcam modelling

I’m certainly not stupid, but I’d never been the best at academic tasks, so I decided not to go to college or university and start earning straight away. After years of wishing I had more money to spend on the things I love, I was more than ready to get out there and start bringing home a wage every week. 

But when my first pay cheque arrived I was bitterly disappointed. I’d worked so hard, for such a meagre reward! But I struggled on, thinking that there were no other options available to me. That is until Sarah arrived on the scene.

Sarah came to my office as a temp, working a couple of days a week. She was attractive and seemed to exude confidence. We hit it off straight away and talked about our shared love of fashion, holidays and the luxury lifestyle – the only difference was she actually seemed to be living it! Every week she had on a new pair of shoes, was carrying a new handbag or taking about a great week or weekend away she’d just had.

After a couple of months I couldn’t resist asking Sarah how she could afford to live like she did and got an answer that I certainly wasn’t expecting. Incredibly, Sarah was a webcam model! I was intrigued and asked her to explain the ins and outs of what her job entailed. When she explained that models give private shows to visitors and can make money doing all sorts of things from the highly explicit to the downright bizarre, I knew immediately that I was going to get on the bandwagon.

I won’t deny that the first few days I spent webcam modelling were pretty nerve wracking, but the thing about nerves is, they also give you a great adrenalin rush and I found that at the end of each web cam session I felt relaxed, happy and satisfied.

And when the money started rolling in my happiness increased tenfold! Today I model around 10 hours a week and I still do a couple of days in the office. To be honest I don’t really need the money any more but it gets me out of the house and keeps my hand in – after all, webcam modelling isn’t generally a lifelong career – although there’s no reason why it couldn’t be – there ar webcam models out there aged 10 to 80!

I’m currently planning my third trip abroad this year and have just bought a new car too. Since I began webcam modelling I’ve become far more self-assured and feel extremely proud of my financial achievements. But I’m nothing special, with a little knowledge and the right attitude anyone can make the grade as a web cam model – so why not give it a go yourself and start enjoying the lifestyle you deserve instead of just dreaming about it.


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