I Love My New Job as a Webcam Model

Yes, I have always been a pretty girl. People have always commented on how beautiful I am and told me that I should be a model or an actress, but of course, I always thought that I should go off to university and get a job as a lawyer or a teacher or a doctor or something. That is what my parents always wanted anyway, and for a long time I pretended it was what I wanted as well. But is it what I truly wanted deep down inside? No, not really. Actually, no, not at all! I wanted what all of those people were telling me I should do. I wanted to use my looks and my talents, why not become a webcam model?


I am sure that some people reading this might think that I am conceited or full of myself, and I understand that, and I apologise if it’s true. But the real truth is that I take a lot of pride in the way that I look. I work out every day by going to the gym or running around my neighbourhood with my dog, Poppy, and I always do exercise routines in front of the television before I go to bed at night. I eat right by consuming lots of vegetables and fruits; in fact I am a complete vegan. I have been for five years now – partly for health reasons but mostly because I love animals so much. Continue reading

Why I Work as a Webcam Model to Pay Off My Debt

Why I turned to becoming a cam girl and what i meant for me.

​I have had a slight addiction to Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and plenty of other stores for years.   If you have any doubts, I would be happy to show you my credit card bills.  While I have cut down on my spending in the past few years, my personal assistant’s salary has barely made a dent in what I owe.  I tried several different side jobs, but I honestly wasn’t making enough to make it worthwhile.  So, what was I, a young woman, to do?

webcam girl pay off debt

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Why a High Society Mum Became a Webcam Model

Everyone has a secret, even the most dignified and proper person you know.  Of course, some secrets are far more shocking than others.  Individuals working as webcam models are no exception.  Let’s meet a model who, by all appearances, is the picture of refined elegance in real life, but takes on an entirely different persona once the camera begins streaming.

mum as webcam model

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