Have your Cake and Eat It With Web Cam Modelling!

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These days it seems that the whole world is obsessed with weight and us girls are constantly being told we’re too fat! Every other magazine is packed with pics of super skinny models and celebrities whose stick thin frames make ideal hangers for high fashion clothes. Sadly, most of us believe that we should be aspiring to this unrealistically slim ideal and up until recently, I was one of the girls who felt that I simply wasn’t good enough because of my size.

web cam modelling

But, thanks to a chance encounter in a supermarket of all places, I no longer spend any of my precious time worrying about my weight. Instead, I’ve discovered a way to make my weight work for me and these days, I’m having my cake and eating it! How? Read on to find out. 

Last November as I stood in the freezer aisle, forlornly staring at a tub of chunky monkey and willing myself not to buy it, a rather large lady appeared beside me.

‘Go on,’ she said, ‘treat yourself!’

I laughed, but explained I was desperately trying to shed the pounds.

‘You’re a beautiful girl,’ she said, ‘Why bother?’

‘Well,’ I told her ‘I really feel like I should.’

‘You know you could be making a living out of the way you look?’ she explained.

‘How?’ I asked.

She handed me a card with a web address on it and told me to take a look when I got home, then she opened the freezer, took out a tub of chunky monkey, placed it in my basket, gave me a wink and was gone!

I returned home and nervously typed the web address into my laptop. Wow! I’m not sure what I was expecting but certainly not what I saw. The lady from the supermarket, the one with the gargantuan girth, was a webcam model – and to all intents and purposes, an incredibly popular one too!

Well, I watched for a while to see what she was up to and I had to admit she looked incredible in her sexy lingerie. I saw that as well as live modelling, she was also selling video clips, but not of what you would expect! Apparently, her loyal band of followers were paying good money to watch videos of her eating all her favourite foods on cam. I couldn’t believe it, she was being paid to eat!

I just couldn’t resist giving it a go myself, so I got in touch with a webcam modelling company and set myself up as a webcam model. Today, I’ve given up the 9 to five job I hated, I model around five hours a day and make even more money selling my clips. I feel more confident than I ever have before and I’ve finally learned the truth about what men really want.

So if you’re on the chunky side and feeling down, I recommend you get online and discover just how many millions of men there are out there who will find your curvaceous frame irresistible – and instead of wasting your time feeling bad, learn to love yourself and earn a living in the process too!


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