Why Niche Markets will make you a Number One Webcam Model

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Webcam Modelling GirlIf you’re thinking of becoming a webcam model there are several different routes you can take. As a model, you can pick the persona you’re comfortable with, so if you’d rather stick with convention you can. However, once you step into the world of sex online you’ll quickly see that there are a million fetishes and odd proclivities out there – and what’s more, whatever niche you choose to approach, you’ll find an audience for it!

So why go for a niche market as a webcam model? Look at it like this – there are movie fans (general) and there are sci-fi movie fans (niche), then there are sci-fi horror fans (even more niche). Of all these, which group do you think spends the most time and money on the thing they’re into?

As a niche webcam model you’ll have a smaller overall audience, but the people you do attract are likely to spend longer with you and pay for hours on end of private shows if you’re fulfilling a need for them.

Scratch that Itch

When you’ve got a fetish, whether it’s foot licking, cake sitting or light spanking, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing it played out for real in front of your very eyes. It’s more exciting still when you can direct the action and divine exactly what you want from the experience. So that explains the attraction of webcam modelling for most men! But what are the benefits for a model?

Working on the principle that the more niche you go the more loyal and lucrative a fan base you’ll attract, models who choose to appeal to a smaller market can end up being the best earners. Some of the most popular fetishes right now include:

Living Dolls

If you happen to look a bit like a doll then you’ll go down a storm in Japan. The Japanese market is know to be one of the most lucrative but if you want to do really well you’ll need to be willing to learn a bit of the language. If you’re not too keen on showing your bits then this could be for you as it tends to be more about dressing up in different outfits and trying to look like a doll.

Cake Sitting

A general term that basically covers sitting on squishy food either naked or in underwear. Some can models work in pairs which can be very popular, or you can choose to work alone. If you want to have a go at this you’ll need lots of plastic sheeting and food!


You’d be surprised how many men are hiding a secret desire to be dominated, so if you fancy cladding yourself in top to toe black leather and bossing people around all day then becoming a Dominatrix could be perfect for you.


Yes, it appears our recently developed love of bloodsuckers isn’t going away and you can actually make a living modelling on cam as a sexy vampire. Once a few hundred wannabe Edward Cullen’s have discovered you they’ll be hankering for more!

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