Be a Vampire webcam Model

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vampire webcam modelWebcam modelling is one of the easiest and most lucrative jobs on the net, but did you know that if you find a niche you can make even more money and have tons of fun to boot! Well, if you love all things macabre and can’t get enough of the dark side, then why not explore your inner Goth and become a vampire webcam model.

Why It Works

Why do we love vampires? It can only be because they’re dangerously sexy. They love biting those forbidden fruits and they don’t live by the same rules as everyone else, which means the vampire lifestyle is the ideal place for exploration of the more sinister side of sexy times!

Most web cam models make a good wage on the net, but if you want to elevate your income from good to great then becoming one of the undead is a devilishly effective way to do it. 

There’s no denying that vampires are big business, there seems to be a new vampire movie every week, hot and heavy blood suckers are all over our TV screens and supernatural books are constantly in the best seller lists.

But the current obsession with vampires has even extended as far as the sex industry with vampire porn aplenty and lapdancing clubs turning themselves over completely to ladies of the pale skinned, red lipped, black lace adorned variety. So why not get in on the act and appeal to all those male vampire lovers out there?

Setting Out

When you set out as a web cam model you can either go solo or become part of a company. If you choose to go it alone you’ll get 100% of the money you make, but if you affiliate yourself with a web cam modelling company you’ll get help and support setting up, extra security features (like being able to filter clients geographically so you can’t get visitors from your local area) and technical help if something goes wrong with your site.

Setting Up

If you want to be the best webcam vampire in town then make sure you put as much effort as possible into setting up your space and your look. A black or red velvet backdrop and a bed draped in rich, opulent fabrics is the perfect atmosphere for a lady vampire to get down to business. Don’t forget the moody lighting – a sea of candles will look great but be safety conscious and make sure visitors can see you properly.

Dressing yourself as a vampire is the most fun aspect of this job. If you’re a blonde bombshell then try a good quality Morticia style wig. Then apply face whitening makeup, oodles of black eyeliner and don’t forget those essential blood red lips.

When it comes to the outfit you can really let your imagination run wild, but if you’re struggling to come up with what to wear then you can’t go wrong with sexy black lace undies, a super –tight corset that gives your chest a gravity defying boost, sexy stockings and sky high heels or thigh length leather boots.

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