My Journey to Becoming a Happy Webcam Model

When I tell my friends from the gym that I am webcam modelling they do a double take. They can’t believe that it’s real, but I tell them that it is, and they always ask me a bunch of questions.

Why I Tried Webcam Modelling

A few of them have even tried it now! I started working as a webcam model about two years ago when I lost my job as a personal trainer at another gym. I actually have two small children myself (a girl and boy) and a husband, and they all love that I webcam model as they get to spend more time with me than they would if I had a normal job. Of course, I don’t model in front of them, I have a room designated in my London home where I do all of my work.

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Why I Took Up Webcam Modelling In My Mid-40s

When you think of internet adult webcam models, you probably think of young, size zero, late teens and early ‘twenty-something’s’, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are certainly lots of girls like that on the various webcam sites, it is by no means the end of the story. Look at me, I’m now in my mid-40s, and for the last couple of years I’ve made my sole income by webcam modelling online.

becoming webcam model in mid 40s

The thing you have to remember is that there are billions of people who log onto the internet every single day. A lot of these people look at all the various adult sites, and a good proportion of those look at webcam sites – it’s a fact of life.

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I Love My New Job as a Webcam Model

Yes, I have always been a pretty girl. People have always commented on how beautiful I am and told me that I should be a model or an actress, but of course, I always thought that I should go off to university and get a job as a lawyer or a teacher or a doctor or something. That is what my parents always wanted anyway, and for a long time I pretended it was what I wanted as well. But is it what I truly wanted deep down inside? No, not really. Actually, no, not at all! I wanted what all of those people were telling me I should do. I wanted to use my looks and my talents, why not become a webcam model?


I am sure that some people reading this might think that I am conceited or full of myself, and I understand that, and I apologise if it’s true. But the real truth is that I take a lot of pride in the way that I look. I work out every day by going to the gym or running around my neighbourhood with my dog, Poppy, and I always do exercise routines in front of the television before I go to bed at night. I eat right by consuming lots of vegetables and fruits; in fact I am a complete vegan. I have been for five years now – partly for health reasons but mostly because I love animals so much. Continue reading