Web Cam Modelling – The Antidote to a Stressful Day Job

A career in webcam modelling can be a lucrative career choice, not only for money but for your quality of life.

webcam modelling career

Teaching can be very rewarding, but it’s also extremely stressful and not particularly lucrative. I love my job but after a year on the frontline I was feeling more than a little stressed out and struggling to make ends meet.

My friend Sarah, who is also a secondary school teacher, never seemed to be short of a bob or two and never seemed under much strain at work either. When I asked her what her secret was, I got a pretty surprising answer.

Sarah told me she worked as a webcam model three evenings a week. It supplemented her income and she explained, was allowing her to save for a deposit on a house.

At first I was more than a little shocked. Sarah is a beautiful girl but she just didn’t seem the type. However, she told me there is no ‘type’ and informed me that I’d be perfect for webcam modelling too. Continue reading