Web Cam Modelling – The New Care in the Community

webcam girlToday we have included a story from one of our webcam models of how they got into the industry and why.

I always hated school and by the time exam time rolled around I’d pretty much given up on my academic career, so I didn’t end up with any qualifications. I bummed around for a while after school but eventually I had to get a job and found myself working as a carer in a home for people with learning difficulties.

Well, the work was hard, stressful and very poorly paid. After each month of long hours, heavy lifting and putting up with being punched and pummelled on a regular basis, my reward was zero appreciation and barely enough to make ends meet – and I certainly didn’t have any extra cash for the nicer things in life.  Continue reading

Be a Vampire webcam Model

vampire webcam modelWebcam modelling is one of the easiest and most lucrative jobs on the net, but did you know that if you find a niche you can make even more money and have tons of fun to boot! Well, if you love all things macabre and can’t get enough of the dark side, then why not explore your inner Goth and become a vampire webcam model.

Why It Works

Why do we love vampires? It can only be because they’re dangerously sexy. They love biting those forbidden fruits and they don’t live by the same rules as everyone else, which means the vampire lifestyle is the ideal place for exploration of the more sinister side of sexy times!

Most web cam models make a good wage on the net, but if you want to elevate your income from good to great then becoming one of the undead is a devilishly effective way to do it.  Continue reading

Web Cam Modelling – Everything You Need to Know

webcam modelling women explains allSex sells and if you want to make money on the net then the quickest, easiest and most lucrative way to do just that is to become a part of the ever expanding online sex industry. Whereas many young women may feel they’re at a disadvantage in other careers, when it comes to webcam modelling, attractive young women have the monopoly and can completely transform their lives simply by being willing to utilise their assets to their best advantage.

What is Web Cam Modelling?

Web cam modelling has been around for a few years now and whilst when the industry began it was a few ‘Babestation’ style girls performing on cam for a small audience, today online modelling has grown into a multi-million industry with numerous niche markets catering to the proclivities of all kinds of people.  Continue reading