Become a Dominatrix WebCam Model

Dominatrix Webcam ModelIf you’re thinking of becoming a web cam model then why not stand out from the crowd and go Dom! There are literally thousands of webcam models competing in the UK but most of them fall into the same category of footballer’s wives style glamour girls with fake assets and sparkly thongs. But what if you’ve got it, but not in that way? You can appeal to the alternative market by becoming a Goth dominatrix. Continue reading

Top Tips for Becoming a Web Cam Model

Webcam ModelWeb cam modelling can be great fun and very lucrative, but with so many competing models out there if you really want to get to the top of your game you need to do much more than simply show off your assets. If you’d like to get out of the rat race and enjoy a better lifestyle with just a few hours work every week then read on for top tips on how to become the best in your field. Continue reading